Yam Porridge (asoro) and cabbage salad with chicken liver

We use this delicious meal to welcome you to our food and recipe section. A combination of yam porridge (asoro) and Cabbage salad. Both taste nice.

Cabbage Salad Recipe.

Yam porridge and cabbage salad with chicken liver2
Recipe: Shredded Cabbage, Diced Carrot, Green Pea, Green Beans Chicken Liver/ Gizzard. Bring the Liver to a boil, Add salt, 1 Maggi cube, Curry, Thyme, Ginger and Garlic.Make sure all the water is absorbed by the liver before adding your Cabbage, carroots, grean pea and beans and stir for 3 minutes. Yummy it is Ready !


yam porridge and cabbage salad with chicken liver
Yam, quantity as desired. Palm oil, Salt, Sugar, Blended Pepper(Rodo), tomatoes, Red Capsicum, (Tatashe) Onions and Maggi cubes. Dried Fish and Cray Fish(Optional).Water.

PREPARATION: My Mum’s way. Add all ingredents, bring to boil except the red oil, fish and cray fish. When it is about 10minutes for the Asaro to be ready Add your palm oil, Fish and cray fish. Ummmmmmmmmmmmit is ready.

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