Chiffon have been and remained in vogue since early 1902 and continues to be popular fabrics today; it is worn in every outing depending on how you could flaunt your style.

Chiffon fabrics could be used in various styles, ranging from evening wears, bridal gowns, tops, skirts, veils, scarves and whole lots more. It comes in different shapes and colors like polka dots, floral, leopard skins, plain etc.

How to handle your chiffon fabrics

Chiffon fabrics are known for their durability, coolness and easy to wash and dry. You feel comfortable wearing a chiffon fabric, most especially during the dry season when the sun is so hot and tends to tear d skin off.

Due to their fragile texture, always handle your chiffon fabrics with care. If not properly handled, it can stretch out of shape. When washed, don’t allow it to be exposed for so long in the sun, this could be very harsh on the fabric, chiffon is a fabric that frays easily. Ironing should be mild and preferably, ironing should be done when chiffon is slightly damp to reduce wrinkles. Dry cleaning is another way of keeping your chiffon safe.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a chiffon wear and stand out in that occasion.

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