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How to Start Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria With Just N10,000

recharge card printing business nigeria

Printing and sales of Recharge cards is a very profitable business venture that has turned many Nigerians into wealthy individuals. It is very easy to start and you can do it as a part time or full time business.

Do you Know That:

• You can Learn How to generate the recharge voucher PIN by yourself at a cheaper rate than others.

• With Just N10,000 you can start off.

• Print Vouchers and PIN from any network

• You can Do the Business Part Time or full time

• You can be a wholesaler and sell to other smaller retailers

recharge card printing business nigeria2

What Do You Need to Start?

– At least N10,000

– Access to a computer (personal or borrowed)

– Free Software

– Internet access (only when you need to print)

– If you don’t have the above you can still buy PINS from a dealer

How Much Can You Make From Recharge Printing Business?

Recharge card printing is a business of numbers and volume. On Each Card you Print, you can make between N5 to N10 Profit. This means that the money you will make is only limited to how many cards you can print and sell.

The amount of profit that you make depends on the capital that you are willing to invest and your creativity in marketing. You can start the business with as low as N5,000 to N10,000, however the more capital you have to invest, the more profit you will make.

Depending on how many vouchers you can buy and how well you can distribute and market them, you can be making between N50,000 and N150,000 within a short period. We have also included an extra chapter in this book on tips and tricks to effectively market gsm recharge cards.

recharge card printing business nigeria4

How to Learn Recharge Card Printing Business

We have been into the business for some time now and have taught many people and helped them start up. But due to great demand from people trying to learn the business, we had to write a short downloadable guide that explains everything about the business and how to go about starting up on your own.

We actually intend to sell this guide for a high price but since we are just launching it, we want to first offer it exclusively to visitors of this website.

When we were compiling the ebook, we planned to sell it for N4,000 but visitors can get it at an exclusive price of N3000.

Yes N3000 (not N4,000) for the first set of people to place their order. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see how to order and pay for this e-guide.

The guide is in the form of an electronic ebook. It is not a physical book. When you pay for it, it will be sent to you within 48 hours via email for you to download. You can read it on your phone, a computer or print it out.

STEP 1: To buy, pay the sum of N3000 into the account below:
Bank: Ecobank
Acc. Name: Eghwuba Efemena
Acc. Number: 0611080302

STEP 2: Text the word GSM together with your email address/depositor name/Phone number/amount paid/branch paid/ date paid/deposit slip number to 08151177452

For example, text: GSM/ Abigie /08033577678/3000/Ugbowo Branch/Nov 4, 2013/762356

Your e-book will be sent to your email not more than 48 hours after your payment is confirmed.

Got Questions?

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