Photos of notorious child trafficker ‘Madam Cash’ and some of the resued abducted children in Delta State

Abigail Nwakama also known as Madam Cash and a popular pastor Chinedu Strongman (also pictured) were arrested last weekend for operating a kidnapping ring.

According to Ada Ogbonna who shared the photos on Facebook along with unsavory facts about the mother of four:

“Look at the faces of child kidnappers in asaba, Delta state. The lady, madam Abigail, , madam cash, is a mother of four runs a drinking parlor, but child trafficking pays her more. The man is a pastor and madam cash works for him.

Madam cash has girls that does her dirty job and she pays them. I saw a woman I know and she was looking so haggard, I enquired and learnt, that two months ago, her brother’s son that’s staying with her was stolen, on their street. I got home and was trying to caution a neighbor that has kids just like me and the pix above was shown to me. So many questions kept popping into my head.

Instead of this madam Cash, stealing people’s kids why didn’t she sell hers., or better still, gather girls that born and want to sell. Why put a fellow mother like her into an emotional torture. The worst part is, the pastor, said that out of the 13 kids they brought that 3 have died. The little kids in the other pix are all stolen children. Does anything whatsoever justify, this message wickedness. I feel so sad really. May God protect our young ones from evil. Bikonu ignore my typo error”




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