Following the opprobrium that greeted his marrying an underage Egyptian girl, a respected senator is reportedly seeking to give a legal stamp to his infamous act of union. Marriage is universally acknowledged to be honourable and is thus a path most, if not all will one day walk down on. In Africa where customs and traditions still hold a very big sway over our lives, elders are seen as custodians of culture and endowed with the wisdom, maturity and experience to guide the affairs of the society. The senate, with an entry age of forty years is supposedly composed of such sagacious individuals, men and women who can adequately guide the ship of state. Who should therefore complain that with infrastructure in a decrepit state, they focus instead on gay or same sex marriage? They are after all the all wise oracle and their word is law.

It seems marriage is a big item on their official agenda, as we are facing another impending marriage bill. This time it is to allow 13 year old girls get married. Who can oppose the wisdom of this bill? After all, it will not only get our young girls off the streets, prevent their attending school and thus become promiscuous, it will ensure that they become early mothers and bring up children when they are still children themselves.

Nothing should be said of the fact that they stand a higher risk of maternal health problems or that their children have the potential of becoming child brides too. The logic is unassailable. If 60 year old sugar daddies can run amok with 15 year old girls, why should it not be legal to marry a 13 year old? After all, the latter involves the time honoured institution of marriage. So let’s marry them off, preferably to men older than their fathers, to keep them pure and chaste! Corruption is at an all-time high, with state officials (elected and appointed) dipping their glossy greasy fingers into the national treasury at will.

What do our lords and mighty do to stem the rot? They sit in hallowed chambers and discuss about their grand-daughters marriage. Nothing can more eloquently prove their concern about the welfare of the nation, than concern for teenage girls. After all, they are the future of this great nation. They can also allocate practically the entire commonwealth to themselves, after all the business of law making is very serious and tedious. Did you ask about the parlous state of health or the on-going ASUU strike? These are hardly matters of state and should come a distant second to the unbridled desires of the mighty men of the upper chamber for 13 year old virgins.

Piece written by Oke Okpomo

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