Nollywood Breaks Tradition With Shocking Scenes In ‘bold 5 Babes’


Imagine switching on your television set to watch a Nigerian home video popularly called Nollywood and what you see just leaves you in a state of rude shock and embarrassment so much that you have to check again to be sure you are not watching the wrong flick.

Well, that is what ‘Bold 5 Babes’ is bound to cause if the relevant authorities allow it to find its way into the homes of unsuspecting Nigerians who still cherish our core moral values and traditions of decency and modesty.

Starring actor Collins Onwochei, Bold 5 Babes is an er*tic comedy about a group of women who seduce men by using their supernatural powers and then turning them into blackberry bold 5 smartphones.
And it gets more daring as the Producers attempt to replicate what can only be termed soft p*rn as seen in some foreign movies.

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