New Method Used By The Police To Catch Unsuspecting Victims

Someone posted this on an online forum yesterday. We decided to share it with 247naija readers. Hope you find it useful. Read the story below:

This actually happened to me yesterday evening. I have a barbing saloon shop in Sabo area of Abeokuta which i managed myself for now due to ASUP strike. To cut the story short, i just finished working on a customer when this man walked in.

I asked him if he wanted to cut, but he said no that he is here for another thing entirely. He asked me if i wanted to be rich, i said yes now. He told me he’s into rituals and he can actually help me do one that will boost my business. He laid down so many options for me like getting the left thumb and so many other weird stuff like that.

Actually, what saved me was that while he was telling me all these, i was busy meditating on which option is the simplest. So when he finally finished talking, he asked me which one will i like to do. I could not find anyone so easy, so i told him i cant do any of it. He continue persuading me, it i was when threatened to walk him out that he now showed me his ID card.

I was speechless when i discovered that he was a policeman(a sergeant). He shook my hands and told me i was lucky that they were doing such because of some informations they heard.. He went out entered a police hilux van parked some meters away

MORAL: Pls dont be quick in divulging some things to strangers, you never can tell who they are.

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