My mum’s encounter with a mermaid – True story

We got this story from a forum member (Nairaland). Read the amazing story below.


I’ll start with my Mum’s Night Of Terror!!!! Yes! It was a Night of Terror indeed! One that got her to never ever go to a River again even up till this very moment!

Many years ago, mum was in the village for some holiday with granny and also for her care as she had just delivered!
it was a very beautiful Morning like every other ones, i was just months old, still a baby! Me and mum was still fast asleep when suddenly in her sleep she heard the sounds of beating kegs and footsteps heading towards the river to fetch some water. It is a common thing in villages to go to the river early enough so that u can get back home on time and do other house chores!!!!!

So, my mum head the people heading towards the river and got up to too. I was still asleep and being a sturbon lil lad that cry all the time, it was a great opportunity for her to go to the river and get back early while i was still asleep! So she thought. She grabbed her keg and ahead she went! She went very fast so she could catch up with the people ahead of her but never really caught up with them. On the point of entering the bushy path that led to the river, she still saw no one!

It was still very dark for a morning. But she went ahead now slowly, hoping to meet them soon. Not far from there, she could see what looked like a light ahead of her, hoping that could be people, she went faster, but soon lost the light! This time around, fear gradually crept into her, she was filled with so much fear that she started shivering and took off her slippers! But on gettin towards the final steps that lead to the river, she overhead women washing cloths and gossiping about other women.

They were slamming their cloths to woods and rocks inside the river and with such a loud voice, talking and gossiping, mentioning names of mama this; mama that. My mum was like, so i’ve been here walking slowly and being scared, when the river was already filled up! She put on her slippers again, walked very fast and slammed it with her feet to produce the kind of noise u get when u walk fast with a slippers, and that was what saved her life! Just as she walked out of the bush path and towards the river, everything and everyone jumped right into the river with such a rush, laughing with some witchy tone of voices, laffing at my mum!
Realizing what was happening! My mum burst into tears, fell on her Knees and begged her hearts out! “i did’t know it was still late, please, i have not come to test you, i am an innocent women, please let me go, Please i mean no harm, please.”
she crawled towards the river and dipped her gallon into the river, begging, crying, pleading and regretting! All the while, she was just being laughed at from corners and under the river with some tiny, witchy voice!

Alas, the keg was filled, she walked backwards, still begging for her life and for mine back home (using me as why she needed to live). She came home finally, and it was just 2:30AM in the morning! She cried, she smiled, she laughed, she held me tight and vowed never to visit the river again whenever she was in d village for holidays, Never ever, ever again!

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