Yesterday is gone. With it however are not gone the cares, worries and trials of life, as they follow us into today. But today is different in every way and respect from yesterday, and we should try to harness the newness, the potentials that today brings, to ensure that our tomorrow is better.

Many waste time bemoaning their lot or station in life, spending their time in blissful idleness or repeating same mistakes. They blame their parents, the society and finally God for their failures and miserable existence. Life thus loses its meaning and they decay slowly, dying by inches until finally they are laid to rest.

But life is a series of yesterdays, todays and the unknown tomorrows and will remain so till the end. Instead of crying over yesterday, start all over again today, begin to act now to save yourself and guarantee your future. Today is what matters about life, how you are able to tap from its inherent blessings to shape the unknown future. The wise and brave know of this principle and act on it, for each passing day is a new chance at life, a new beginning, with new vistas and horizons beckoning for the ready.

Learn from yesterday your mistakes, short-sightedness and inaction, putting these lessons to good use. As long as you have life and health, you can always go on to do bigger and better things, just be ready to take the bull by the horns.

Today is what matters, it is your time. The past is gone and can never be recovered, so begin anew, smile and arise with the rising sun. You are a child of nature like everyone else and you deserve no less the bounties that it provides, but you must avail yourself of the opportunities present, for no one will show them or give them to you on a platter of gold. Whatever creed or doctrine you may adhere to, know that as the sun and rain shines and pours on everyone, so are the opportunities of life available to anyone who is willing and ready to take it.

Do not be discouraged about failures, they bound to occur and also know that it happens to everyone too. Your mark of greatness is how you are able to weather the storm and turn adversity into success. Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb, failed countless times before he could make the bulb work, but he never gave up. Don’t give up on your dreams.

Don’t waste your time in idle speculation of what might have been or will be, focus instead on what can be achieved today, for the past is gone, the future is unknown, only the present is here, the time with us, the opportunity for change.

As we go through life, each passing day might just be another day, but it is the time in which we can find glory. Just another day eh?

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