How to get like Davido’s cute dimples


Have you always admired that cute smile that comes with having a dimple? Do you wish you were born with it?

A lot of people see dimples as very cute and those who are not born with it often wish they had it. Well if you fall among those who don’t have but wish they do, then you are in luck. In this post we are going to show you 3 easy steps to develop your own personal cute dimples.

1. Finger Your Cheeks: You will need a mirror that is at least 2 feet wide for this exercise. Stand or sit facing the mirror. Make sure you are comfortable. With your index fingers from both hands, press gently on the position on both sides of your cheek where you want your dimples. Leave it pressed for 3 minutes. Do this 5 times daily. Make sure you press the right spot each time to avoid multiple dimples.

2. Cheek Suction: After step one above, the next step is to learn to suck in your cheeks when you smile. This should be done subtly to avoid looking ridiculous. Practice at home in front of a mirror to master the move. This step when combined with step 1 above will begin to yield results in no time.

3. Dimpolus Muscle: The particular muscle in your cheeks that is responsible for forming the dimples that you so admire is called dimpolus. Learn to exercise it regularly. To do that, try squeezing both sides of your cheeks simultaneously, almost like you are trying to smile but not smiling.  Do this as many times as you can daily depending on how desperate you are to have the dimples.

Lastly…….OK, you can stop reading now. If you have read this far and still haven’t realised that the above is a load of crap and that there is no natural way to get dimples if you aren’t born with them, then you must be really desperate.

The only way to get a dimple if you are not born with it is through surgery and those that have tried it don’t have good tales to tell. So love yourself, you look just the way God planned. Cheers.

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