Infant mortality has been a great deal eating up the nation. The death of a newly born child or a child below a year old would be a pain to the parents of such child. The mother would aggrieved to loose a child she has been carrying in her womb for nine months or even more. The father, which is also an expecting man would be in serious pain, it would affect both parents, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We also never can underestimate what an infant could become for the nation because those names we hear here and there were also infants sometimes ago and they never thought they could get to where they are.

Firstly, promoting infant mortality scheme would help a developing nation like ours in the sense that a country with very large population would be so full of industrialization ideas, they are filled with great minds. An infant that died can be an inventor that would bring a name to his nation thereby bringing about and contributing to the national development of a nation. For example, China can’t be left out when it comes to any product in the world today and this same China is one of the most densely populated Nation of the world, virtually everybody in the world today uses one or two items from China, it could be clothes, shoes, electronic gadget e.t.c. The glory China has wasn’t given to it by the name, it by the people of the country, so If all the people with great minds had died during their infant days, they wouldn’t have achieved such development for their nation.
Moreover, promoting infant mortality would help a nation to develop in aspect of population because a densely populated country can’t be easily wage wars against. A country like Indian can’t be easily encroached because of the crowd they have. They would rather provide more alternatives at which they can secure the lives of their own people. They would be ready for any kind of war at any time by constantly providing food security for themselves and arms security. The fact they are densely populated would even make everyone to develop his intellect, talents and abilities because they know it’s survival of the fittest, it would be very competitive to survive in such place and that is more reason development would be fast.

In conclusion, the future of any country depends largely on the newly borns because they are meant to replace the older generation. Unfortunately, there have been notably high infant mortality rates across societies, especially in less developed countries and this poses threats to survival of these societies. Infant mortality schemes have made attempts to expand the life span of these vulnerable infants in order to ensure that the society does not go into extinction.

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