Help! I am dating my boyfriend’s cousin


I don’t know how I got into this position. Please hear my story before judging me. I met a guy in the Uni about 3 years ago. We were really in love and inseparable. Sadly he graduated before me and and almost immediately his uncle offered to sponsor his masters abroad.

Though we still communicated constantly, it was obvious distance was telling on the relationship. I recently met someone here in Nigeria. I like him so much because he reminded me of my first love. Due to pressures from friends and family I had to start seeing him.

Last month, my bf abroad called that he was coming to Nigeria for a while. He wanted to spend about 3 weeks in the country. I was excited to have to see him again. He called me last week that I should come to their family house in Lagos. I decided to go without telling my present bf in Nigeria because he stays in Lagos too and would want to see me.

When I got to their house in Lag, I got the shocker of my life. I met my two bfs eating in the dining, one was shocked to see me and the other was all smiles. It was the most awkward situation I have ever found myself in. Well the situation was brought under control by their elder aunt. She seemed to understand my situation. But the sad thing is that they both seem to hate me now and hate each other as well. God knows I never knew or suspected the knew each other not to talk of being related.

Please house what do I do now?

This was sent to us by a 247naija reader. Guys what are your thoughts?

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