Ghanaian Lady Commits Suicide Because Husband Was Sleeping With Mum (Photo)


Yesterday evening an MDB reader forwarded the picture and video which was trending on WhatsApp, of this lady pictured above who allegedly committed suicide in the US after finding out that her husband was sleeping with her mum.

The lady who according to unconfirmed reports circulating online is Ghanaian, and she jumped from a high rise to her death and nobody was able to save her. Don’t know how recent the story is though, but see the very sad.

After watching the video, the following questions came to mind, regardless of the facts surrounding the case. Why did the Police and other officials not make effort to get some form mattress(es), or foam around the point she may have landed? From the video it was obvious that she must have been seen dangling on the balcony for a while which led to the Police been alerted in the first place.
Why didn’t any one make any sort of effort to catch the individual or is that possible only in movies?
I honestly do not understand this video and I think rather that just stand around and watch the balcony, perhaps more could have been done to save the victims life. On the other hand, if the story been circulated is by any chance true, why in the world will anyone commit suicide for this reason, especially a mother who has a baby? How does suicide solve the problem? I really do NOT understand this. The sound of the person landing alone is very chilling and sad.

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