An idea is simply a thought in the mind of an individual. God did not finish creation, he started it. Listen attentively, he did not turn into reality, all the ideas he had in mind. He has given us the responsibility to tap into his ideas through his divine inspiration to make it a reality on earth. His divine mandate for us is to exercise dominion on earth, to be his co-creator. No wonder, the Holy bible recorded that we were created in God’s image. That means, we have all the ability through the exercise of the power of our mind to translate into physical reality, other things God would have created.

When you think deeply and examine the kind of thinking a human being like you have done to conceive the idea of an automobile, a camera, an airplane etc, assembled and produced them, you will begin to understand what I am saying. The power to do mighty things is there in our mind waiting to be exercised. What we are able to create or produce will oftentimes be revealed into our minds by God who created us in the form of a idea. Most of these ideas are creative and solution targeted. It is usually an idea which will always help solve human needs when eventually manifested.  It can also come in the form of an improvement on what someone else has initially produced. We are often passionate about it.
You and I were created with the full capacity and ability to produce thoughts as well as the ability to turns them into physical realities. Products around us today are a result of ideas in the minds of an individual like you. What makes the difference is that, the inventor casted away all the thoughts of fear of failure and followed thought the dreams and after several attempts, came success. Why several attempts? It could be so oftentimes because the experience is like that of a new born baby. It is not his first attempt to walk that he eventually stand straight on his feet and begin to walk like an adult. The baby would have fallen several times before perfecting his walking ability. That is why persistence is highly essential for success in life.

Wealth creation is a direct product of an idea. Do you desire to succeed in life? You had better rather take the ideas that your mind is generating very seriously. You see, the magic formula is: If you can dream it; you can achieve it! Stop allowing fear to rub you of your creative potentials. The fear of failure can paralyze you that you may never attempt anything tangible in life. No attempt; no result. As every object or thing in life is always in a permanent state until a greater force is applied to it.
Age is not a barrier in the process of following through and taking steps at making your dreams come true. Remember Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft int’l- the software of which most computers in the world are being operated, followed through their dreams at the age f 9 and 11 respectively. Now they are among the most famous and wealthy personality the world has produced today. Believing and following through your dreams will land you in prosperity if you resolve to face and conquer the challenges that comes with success. Each experience you get is meant for you to be a stepping stone towards higher productivity and not a stumbling block.

When you associate yourself with people who have exciting vision for their lives and believe they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them and also earnestly seek knowledge concerning that which they have purposed in their heat to accomplish, then, you will definitely succeed The ideas that you believe you can achieve and firmly determine to pursue becomes your dream. Dreams nurtured bring everlasting success. Stop the dream drain. Start gaining from your dreams. God bless you.

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