Five Benefits of Being Drunk

So we have all heard that drinking excessively has adverse effects on our health, encourages a reckless lifestyle and could lead to serious accidents. But could there be any advantage of taking alcohol in excess? Well, we were tasked with this question and here are the 5 benefits of being drunk:

1) You Can Say Whatever You Like: The first time I told my GF she had a bad breath was a night I was totally wasted. Of course I didn’t remember telling her, as I was only reminded in the morning by my friends when I couldn’t find her. There is never a better time to get those uncomfortable feelings off your mind than when you are drunk, people just tend to excuse whatever you say and blame it on the alcohol.

2) Cars Stop For You: Notice how drunken people just walk across a busy road with reckless abandon? Well they are used to the fact that drivers usually stop for them once they notice the person is intoxicated state, much as they do for mad people, unless of course the driver is just another drunk person like you.

3) Dress As You Like: Tired of always looking prim and proper? Then being drunk might be your solution. You don’t have to bother to make sure your shirt stays tucked in or that your trouser lengths are equal (Ask Klint Da Drunk). Free styling is the name of the game.

4) People Find You Interesting: Notice how when you are drunk your friends and people around you just won’t allow you keep quiet? They just want you to keep talking and ask you all sorts of crazy questions.  And then everything you say is funny.

5) Loading: As much as we tried we couldn’t find a fifth benefit of being drunk. Drinking excessive is bad and could lead to serious health implications. If you must drink, drink moderately. Cheers from


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