The evening spelt ‘pink’ and the air smelt balmy as if cupid himself
had his aura brought upon the whole scenario now, serious-minded
people were already leaving the park and the love birds and/or
perverts are meandering into the park to occupy their pre-arranged
angles. The men compose themselves as they expect the
materialization of their hocus-pocus.

“How is he gonna take it?” Gloria thought. She sat on the side of
the table for two, all these while casting romantic glance spells on
Pete and wondering how to break the dreaded news to him. They have
spent a great part of their better lives together. In sparks of jolly
currents, all her memories with him including one ‘we are the only
ones in the world’ weekend at the Okene Island. A crack of virgin-like
timid smile broke through the side of her lips. Pete couldn’t pretend
anymore, something is undeniably wrong with his better half today. He
momentarily stretches to pat her on the cheek. She blushes. “Pete?”
She called softly, the moment had come.. “I am getting married”. Gloria
being a ninety-nine point nine percent sanguine, is used to making up
adventurous jokes. He thought this was one of them. But after some
minutes, it appeared very valid.
The moment of truth is most often the moment of pain; self-pain. But
it is also the moment when our maturity is put to the test. One cannot
help it who one falls in love with. The question of truth is “Do you
Love Her Enough?” to bid her “goodbye” when she decides she wants to
let go of what both of you share for a married life?
I know what you are thinking;”one must fight for what one loves”.
But have you considered that she had probably stayed that long with
you because she expected a ‘future’ with you which you never got around
to even hint at? The truth is, she already decided she was getting
married, she only needed the man not a man. Did you sign her up for
“life-time girl friend?” Second truth is; she is disappointed you
never proposed and you never promised. She believes higher joy abound
where she is heading than where she is right now. So if you trust her
choice, you would let her go. Of course it is not going to be that
easy; well that explains why relationship is for matured minds. The end result of every love is to progress, and growth, not to destroy. One cannot truly love without giving;
happiness, career, money, comfort etc love is a transaction.

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