D’Banj: Breaking New Grounds

Pinky: What are we gonna do tonight , Brain?
Brain: Same thing we always do every night Pinky, try to take over the world.

Epic conversation between cartoon characters; Pinky and the Brain. Brain’s persistence despite failures is one to be universally admired. Now try to replace Pinky with Don Jazzy and Brain with D’banj, does it still fit? D’banj plays his current role to the hilt with his current quest for world domination which according to him was one of the major reasons for the breakup with his long time friend and partner, Don Jazzy.dbanj

In every breakup, the person who hooks up with the prettier improvements/partner looks to be the winner. In this case D’banj seems to be getting the better part of the candy.

With his debuting in the UK chats with the remix of Oliver Twist, D’banj proved to the world that his quest was not in vain. He has since moved on from there by releasing hit singles Bachelor and On Top of the World. D’banj’s spectacular performance at the just conclude nation cup closing ceremony proved the brother is still in top gear for his quest for world domination.

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