Businesses to start with 100,000 Naira


Doing business in Nigeria can be both profitable and challenging. One of the biggest challenges of running a successful business in Nigeria is the issue of power. The fact that one has to think of how to provide power for himself can be highly discouraging and usually raises the cost of doing business in Nigeria.

We have researched business ideas and have come up with a couple of businesses one can start up with One Hundred Thousand Naira capital.

1. Mini Importation business: Importation business is getting really popular thanks to the increased usage of the internet. Importation was an exclusive privy of those with large start up capital. But times have changed, with as little as N50,000 one can now import goods directly from China. What makes it better is that you don’t have to leave the shores of Nigeria. Just take your time to do a little research on the internet if you are interested in the business. We will be writing a full review soon though. Just keep checking

2. Car wash: I have always loved the service sector. Opening a car wash can be a very lucrative business if well managed. Bulk of the capital will go into getting a space and source if water. The 100k budget might not work for some locations without easy access to water.

3. Bulk recharge card sales: Gsm recharge cards remains one of the top selling items in Nigeria. Tapping into this sector will be a wise decision for people with a 100k to invest. It just requires some level of marketing skill and creativity.

4. Home based boutique: By home based boutique we mean people who do home and office delivery of clothing items like shirts, undies, shoes etc. A simple Facebook page and a bbm enabled phone is all the shop you need to showcase your goods.

5. Note Book customization and supplies: Have you seen certain private schools with their students strictly using notebooks customized with the school’s names? Well if u have not, maybe you should think of introducing it to schools around you. Talk to a printer, design a sample and you could be in for brisk business.

The list is definitely not limited to the above, we have only taken our time to highlight the few that are not so power dependent and not as common as the regular buying and selling most people would jump into when given a 100k worth of start up capital.

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