The finger nail is one part of the body people consider irrelevant. Forgetting that, the hands play the major role in our day to day activities.  Most ladies often forget that apart from their hair, dressing and conduct, the nails are very important body parts every lady must look out for. Painted or unpainted, it should be kept clean and tidy. Most ladies go about with horrible looking nails, begging to be paid attention to. If you are one of those who love getting it polished, go for a color that suits your skin color and when using multiple colors, go for those that can blend properly without causing a stare from your admirer.

As for those who love their nails low and unpolished, it should be kept clean. Imaging going for a dinner on your first date with horrible looking nails that you can’t even put your hands on the table. Bad nails are great turn off to guys!!!

There are various products that can be used to help make your nails glow. So, either polished, artificial nail or your natural nails, learn to always keep it tidy.

Products like; Durchrome effects, with its gel offers ranges of different special colors, for those who love varieties, you are rest assured for different colors.  Nail-eon gel polish is a dream for all women who love expressing colors.



  • Check your diet. Extreme dieting, especially diets low in protein, can cause fingernails to weaken and break, which reduces their growth. Make sure you consume a sensible number of calories every day, and modify your diet to include protein-rich foods like lean meats, chicken, eggs, low-fat cheese, and soybeans. Drink a cup of protein shake and take a multivitamin daily.
  • Milk is the magic, drink some everyday. The vitamin D in milk will strengthen your nails and promote growth.
  • Take fruits rich in vitamin A. It has been discovered that fruits rich in vitamin A helps makes the nails grow faster and stronger..
  • Drink orange juice regularly. This helps the production of collagen, which helps skin stay firm and allows for healthy, fast nail growth.
  • Let the blood flow regularly to your nails to stimulate growth. It’s no secret that pianists have long fingernails that require constant trimming. Why? Because blood is constantly flowing to their fingernails, stimulating growth. Other things that could make your fingernail growing activities are typing, sewing, gymnastics, cooking, gardening, and any other tasks that require you to use your hands a lot.
  • Keep yourself warm. Nails grow faster in hot climates. If it’s cold outside, be sure to wear gloves and keep your hands warm at all times to increase blood flow to your fingernails and stimulate growth.
  • Use nutrient filled nail polish, this helps to make fingernails grow faster. Apply a layer each night to make fingernails grow even faster.
  •  Do your manicure regularly. You can do them yourself or have them done by a professional. Good hand and nail hygiene and maintenance improves the health of your nails and will keep them growing strong.

With these few tips, you are rest assured that your nails would remain healthy and strong,  so make those nails enticing and beautiful to behold.

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