Are you falling apart?!

Getting into a new relationship could be very exciting, and at times stressful. This is because you now have a new person to share your life with, and would not want to make the same mistakes you made in your previous relationships, so you strive as hard as possible to make the best of your new opportunity.

Looking at women, getting into a new relationship could be somewhat amazing. They begin to experience the good things of life, they want to be with their new man every minute of the day, laugh over silly things together, and because of this, she begins to draw away from her friends. The simple explanation for this is that she thinks she is deeply in love with this new man. With time into the relationship, they begin to realize that this gorgeous man is starting to act rather funny, but they would do anything to get this relationship to work.

With time, they finally come to a conclusion that he does not love them no more because of certain signs that begin to manifest. Some of these signs include the following; Not calling you anymore and not bothered about it. It is hard to admit this, but when their relationship first started, the man was calling her five times a day, but months into the relationship, he does not call as much as he used to. Watch out, as this could be a sign, but not necessarily, as he may be too tied up with work, and may just need some time to get his mind right.

Another sign is that she notices him flirting with other women, in secret or in front of her. Some women notice that at this point in time, their lovers become weirdly passionate, by giving them spontaneous hugs. Do not get this wrong, he is spontaneously hugging his woman, so that he can have a good look at the jaw-dropping gorgeous lady behind her. Very sneaky.

You should really start getting worried if he does not answer his phone when he sees your number, but answers it when it is put on private number. With this he may be trying to avoid you and your calls, especially when you leave him a dozen voice messages and he does not call back!

When you notice that he is always out of town for some mysterious business trip. what sort of crazy job ensures you are out of town 350 days out of 365? Ladies begin to suspect, as he may be hanging out with his new partner.

When he spends more time with ‘the boys’ and less time with you, then watch out! This may mean that he does not enjoy your company and would rather stay out late with ‘the boys’.

He does not love you no more when he says those words ‘i don’t love you no more’ Run for your life, because he is a fool, and has only succeeded in making you miserable. Now, what you have to do is try to pick up the bits and pieces of your life, mend it together and wait for that man who would love, respect and treat you right.

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