7 year old boy eaten alive by a crocodile in Mexico while his father helplessly watches


7 year old Manuel Abraham had been playing with a balloon in the Barra Santa Ana estuary, Mexico, when it landed on the river bank. He walked to the bank to pick the ball, as he bent down to get the ball, a crocodile leaped from the river, locked its jaws on Manuel’s head and dragged him underneath the river while his Dad watched in horror.

Members of the public rushed to the little boy’s aid, but the crocodile had disappeared.

City officials have deployed the military, civil protection groups and fisherman to find the crocodile and the remains of the body but the search has so far been unsuccessful.

In fact, they have been asked that all crocodiles be captured and their tummies opened to see if they’d find the boy’s body in any of them.

So sad!

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