2face Idibia: Top 5 songs of all time

2face-idibia-TufaceFor an artist who has been nothing but successful in every detail of the word and still remained humble and down to earth, you will be wrong not identify with him every now and then. His unprecedented ability to re-invent himself has kept him relevant in the music industry till date.

He has been making music for more than a decade now and he is yet to release an album that totally came short of expectation for an artist of his pedigree. He’s none other than our very own tuface innocent idibia –Nigeria’s finest. Everybody loves tuface. His originality is ingenuous, so every Nigerian can relate. When he sings he just carries you along. It’s safe to say that tuface is africa’s Golden boy because he is one fine art that has gone the farthest in representing africa on the world stage. Among his endless list of chart topping songs, here are my top 5 favorites of all times;

#5. at my no. 5 spot is a song  from his from his unstoppable LP. It was produced by j sleek courtesy hypertek records. The song was one that was typical of tuface, both in sound and in lyrical content. ‘Only me’ is the title and it is my fifth favourite tuface song of all times.

#4. Everybody loves a love song, especially when it is coming from an artist as graceful as tuface. ‘True love’ makes the no. 4 position on my special count down and review.

#3. at no 3. , Is a song that started off like a nursery rhyme to say the least, a feature that made us all subconsciously liked the song on hearing for the very first time. I think this song actually saw the light of the day because of its very simplicity and yet profound message. It was produced by OJB and it is taken from his Grace 2 Grace album. ‘Nfana ibaga’(no problem) is the title and it is my no.3 pic.

#2. ‘For instance’ is at no. 2. a song that simply blew me away. It was more than just a song as a matter of fact, it was a revolution. The rhymes and word play was just intelligent and incisively motivating. It was quite danceable as well and Nigerians simply couldn’t get enough of this artists creative genius on the song at the time.

#1. my no. 1 tuface song of all times is what we all know tuface for. It is none other than the ever green ‘african queen’! I loved it when I first heard it, my mum did, my dad as well, my grand mum… it was a song that you can’t help but love no matter your creed, background or age. To put it simply, it was just good music! and even till date, I am yet to hear an artist make a classic song as such.

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